Join the industry’s drive to provide and signpost products that genuinely meet the needs of financially excluded and underserved consumers

“It’s vital that our financial services industry is accessible to everyone who needs it, regardless of background or circumstance, if we want to build an economy that works for everyone.”Guy Opperman, Minister for Financial Inclusion & John Glen, Economic Secretary, The Times, 19 March 2018

Inclusion Signpost is an independent and respected accreditation. It recognises financial services products that serve the needs of those who have struggled to access transactional banking, or have found that the services they can access don’t support the circumstances they are in

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    Do you have a financially inclusive payments product?

    Apply now! Accreditation will ensure that best in class products will be easily identifiable and will be recommended to potential customers who need what you offer. Get recognised. Get accredited. Get Signposted. It’s that simple.

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    Do you support people who can’t or don’t have access to banking?

    Use Inclusion Signpost (and its sister site SignpostNow). This is a trusted place where you can source relevant and respected payment products. Look for Signposted products to give you peace of mind about access and quality. Don’t rely on basic when you can have better.

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    Do you represent audiences who typically struggle to get access to banking?

    Share your insight. You can help ensure that the criteria behind the Signpost accreditation recognises the needs of those you represent. Consumers and the challenges they face aren’t static and neither is Inclusion Signpost standard, with your support we can keep raising the bar.

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